Free Lead Generation: E-mail Marketing for Startups

Depicts relation between lead generation and digital marketing
Lead generation is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing.

There are no one-step solutions when it comes to marketing approaches for your business. However, what are available are the individual puzzle pieces, which sum up to reveal the big picture: sustained business growth. When it comes to driving sales, nothing works better than quality leads, with the focus being on the word “quality,” as this delineates the potency of the lead. If it doesn’t have a solid conversion rate, then you really don’t have anything to work with.

There are quite a handful of lead generation strategies available in the marketplace presently. However, what most people don’t realize is that no two businesses are going to have the same approach to meet their growth projections. Marketing approach varies based on individual targets. For example, a strategy which drove majority of the quarterly sales for Company A might fail to materialize properly for Company B. Hence our epiphany: it’s always better to go with custom-tailored solutions. This is where lead sourcing steps in. It’s an integral part of most custom solutions. If done right, this may enable you to get a solid advantage over the competition; however, this may turn out to be quite expensive, as quality leads are usually hard to come by, and small businesses already have a hard time allocating separate budgets for marketing purposes.

Thankfully, this doesn’t necessarily have to be an obstacle. Free lead generation definitely turned some heads since the fast few years, and has the potential of being as effective as its premium counterpart (if done right). It’s not a singular term; this can be accomplished in more ways than one. However, we’re going to focus on e-mail marketing for the better part of the discussion.

  • What constitutes e-mail marketing?

It can be anything which has the potential to turn a prospect into an actual client, provided it is directed via e-mails to the lead’s inbox. This is hailed as one of the most effective ways to directly interact with your customers, as it is cost-friendly, and borders around minimalism. The objective is usually multifaceted: direct customized e-mails at your target audience, which will enable them to stay sharply synchronized with your offerings while ensuring a solid conversion ratio for your business.

  • Who are the intended recipients?

This is an important highlight of the discussion. The recipients or leads are usually prospective clients associated with your business. Reaching out to them should be one of the foci of your marketing strategy. Singling out the potential customers involve generating quality leads, as customers won’t follow up with a business that they have no interest in. In order to ensure a substantial conversion rate, you’ll need to tunnel your efforts towards your target audience.

Lead generation revolves around the mining of the contact information of your target clientele. This can be accomplished in quite a few ways; however, our discussion will be centered on the free ones. These are the ones which consist of a sizeable online database equipped with regular updates. Some also feature proprietary browser extensions, which latch on to the sites you visit, and mine the relevant leads from the source itself. Again, there are website functionalities, which allow elaborate search parameters. When coupled with a veteran marketing team, the free lead-generation modules can amplify your business’ reach to new extents. As an example, we can refer to Minelead as our go-to e-mail finder service. They have an extensive database of quality leads, and they assist you in redirecting/concentrating your mining efforts with their filtering mechanism, and handy browser extension. You can check them out at their website; alternatively, if you’re looking for the extension, you can download it here (compatible with most web browsers).

  • What is the scope of free e-mail marketing?

The scope of free lead generation can be quite expansive. If you’re going for a multi-step marketing strategy, then it’ll be worthwhile to include this in your advertisement arsenal. It’s a page out of the playbook of many successful startups, and the chances are it’ll work just as well for you.

As with other free services, e-mail finding is likely to have some shortcomings if you’re going for budget options. However, this is not meant to work as a standalone approach; it is rather tailored to supplement your SEO practices in tandem with the rest of your marketing strategies. That way, you’ll be able to go the extra mile to drive your sales up while maintaining a stable conversion ratio.

The 5 best strategies for B2B lead gen

B2B lead generation refers to the process of creating, managing and qualifying sales leads. What we did before entirely “by hand” can today be supplemented by new digital techniques, to offer your sales department more efficiency … Here are the 5 tools of lead gen that we advise you to facilitate your prospection B2B.
Illustration of the lead gen strategies.
Illustration of the lead gen strategies

1/ Trade shows, legendary lead gen tool

The trade show is the historic way to communicate and meet your prospects. It helps to promote and reinforce the message and values of the company.

Although it requires some investment, a trade show concentrates, over a given time and in a specific place, many potential customers. The company can contact prospects directly and evaluate if they can become customers. If your product is suitable, it can be demonstrated on site. All these characteristics make it possible to create a human commercial relationship from the start.

2/ Sales forces, the human to generate leads

The second essential lead gen tool remains the commercial and telephone prospection. Different practices exist: either in the field, by making appointments and meetings, or via a call center.

Direct commercial prospecting establishes a personalized contact with the prospect. The sales person, whether by phone or face-to-face, can collect a lot of information and easily qualify the lead. The sales force makes it possible to generate leads with speed and responsiveness. In addition, the cost of the unit lead is low.

To implement this tool, you can use outgoing call services, which will chain calls. However, this strategy can be very expensive and has average efficiency in B2B. This can also degrade your image, given the intrusiveness of the approach.

If you want to use an outbound call strategy, the ideal is to complete it with an inbound marketing approach. You will be able to interest your prospect with qualitative and relevant content by email and maintain his attention for your product, while contextualizing your approach.

3/ Inbound marketing strategy

The digital transformation induces disruptions in the functioning of our companies. If you want to implement an inbound marketing strategy, you will need at least a website and a content strategy. One of your goals will be to improve your SEO, by offering qualitative content to attract prospects. The good quality of the content positions you as an expert in your field: they reassure your future customers about your reliability and your professionalism and encourage them to contact you “naturally”.

This strategy works and helps control costs. You also have control of your leads:

  • Collect new addresses and phone to fuel your prospection;
  • You can bring these prospects into lead nurturing mechanics: send them specific content that will interest them and bring them into your conversion tunnel.

A good inbound strategy is relatively simple to set up for large structures. This can be more complicated for small: IT and human resources are needed. But it is a method that is proven in the long run: add a layer of marketing automation, and you will reach the summits!

4/ Database purchase

The purchase of databases is another lead gen tool that will allow you to acquire contact details of already qualified prospects (more or less). The company buys data from potential customers from a provider and becomes the owner. She will then be able to use them as she sees fit, to push emailings, enrich her CRM, contact them by phone, etc. But be careful, since the implementation of the RGPD, you must be extremely attentive and respect the legal constraints: think about informing you upstream about the validity of your practices and respect the opinion of your users.

The purchased file is ready to use and its use is not limited in time (however, beware, the data quickly becomes obsolete!). However, this purchase requires some investment and the quality of the data may not be at the rendezvous …

5/ B2B marketplaces

Today, it is interesting to complete your presence on the web by investing in a B2B marketplace, which will increase your visibility. Once you’ve chosen your ideal marketplace and worked out your product listings, just let the leads come to you.

Opting for a B2B marketplace has a huge advantage: it knows how to manage the SEO, the content, the acquisition of the audience to all of its customers. No need to create a whole gas plant on your side! This saves money on these positions and addresses intentional prospects that you could not reach on your own.

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Minelead vs Hunter : une comparaison des deux offres

Vous vous lancez dans une campagne marketing B2B et vous cherchez quel outil est le mieux adapté à votre usage, nous vous avons concocté un comparatif entre Minelead et Hunter pour l’article de cette semaine.  

Interface du site Minelead
Interface de Minelead

Minelead et Hunter, d’abord qu’est ce que c’est :

Ce sont des outils génération d’emails, c’est-à-dire des outils qui vous permettent grâce à des annuaires en ligne. Mais aussi à des techniques de Web scrapping de trouver l’adresse mail de n’importe quelle société que vous cherchez.
Ils sont plus ou moins similaires avec des différences notables sur les prix et les techniques employés.

1 –La méthode :

Pour toujours vous fournir la bonne adresse mail, les deux utilisent des bases de données de millions d’annuaires en ligne. Même si Minelead se distingue par rapport à son concurrent par le fait qu’il opère une recherche en temps réel. C’est-à-dire que s’il n’arrive pas à trouver la bonne adresse, il commencera à la chercher directement sur d’autres sources. Ceci vous garantira de toujours trouver l’adresse que vous recherchez.

2 –Les outils :

Sur ce point, les deux sites sont totalement similaires. Les deux vous offrent la possibilité de rechercher vos adresses directement sur votre navigateur Web. Vous pourriez aussi directement installer une extension sur votre navigateur et rechercher depuis cette dernière. Sachez aussi qu’ils offrent aussi une API pour les développeurs si vous souhaitez l’intégrer à votre application.

3 –Les prix :

C’est ici que l’écart se creuse. Hunter vous propose une offre avec inscription pour 50 résultats/mois. Pour plus de résultats, vous devrez payer 50 $ pour l’offre avec 1000 résultats et jusqu’à 400 $ pour l’offre avec 50 000 résultats.

Minelead quant à lui vous propose déjà une offre sans inscription avec 250 résultats. Pour avoir accès à une offre avec des résultats illimités vous devrez vous inscrire sur le site et à vous les millions d’emails sur le site.


Si les deux offres sont plus ou moins similaires sur les performances (en excluant la recherche en temps réel). Minelead paraît une meilleure solution pour vous lancer dans le lead marketing. Grâce à son offre illimitée et gratuite, vous pourrez vous familiariser avec ce type d’outils sans frais. Et ainsi faire la promotion de vos services gratuitement.

Donc lancez-vous dès maintenant et faites le test.

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How you can help to grow your business

If you open up your email inbox, then what is the first thing you notice? It is, of course, the fact that it is inundated with sales campaigns. How many companies market to you every single day? I’m guessing that there might be at least a dozen. 40% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success. Revenue for B2B marketing automation systems increased by 60% to $1.2 million in 2014 compared to a 50% increase in 2013. This strongly suggests that the power behind business sales depend significantly on email campaigns. So how can minelead help with this?

An illustration on how leads can help your business to grow
Leads can help your business to grow

Minelead is a fast-growing company business specializing in business lead generation. The lead generation tool can be used to source email lists of employees from some of the most reputable companies. Attaining a quality email list is the key to helping your business thrive. Having reputable contacts at your fingertips enables you to communicate with them and create successful sales campaigns. Collaborating with other businesses will enable you to gain knowledge and inside information which will help you to identify your target audience. You may use the contacts to carry out market research and build up positive relationships with other businesses who may be able to help promote your business and vice versa.

B2B collaboration

Most start-up businesses cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on marketing. One of the benefits of using minelead is that our lead generation tool is completely free. B2B buyers and sellers may also buy from one another which will establish a long-term relationship and creates money-saving opportunities. By building contacts you will obtain direct access to the latest market information which will, in turn, help you to keep track of the analytical aspects of your target audience.


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Marketing B2B, 4 étapes pour tout comprendre

Vous souhaitez vous lancer dans le marketing B2b et vous ne savez par où commencer ?

Ou vous souhaitez tout simplement comprendre le marketing B2b et distinguer ses différentes nuances ?

Lisez notre article sur le sujet

1-Qu’est ce que le marketing B2B ?

Le marketing B2b (Business To business) est un ensemble de techniques marketings pour un commerce entre deux entreprises.

2-La différence entre le marketing B2b et le marketing B2C ?

Le marketing B2c (Business to Consumer)au contraire, est un ensemble de techniques marketing employés pour un plus large public. C’est ce qu’on appelle des consommateurs.

Il existe pas mal de différence qu’on doit faire quand on élabore sa stratégie marketing en fonction du type de client qu’on vise (marketing B2B ou B2C), pour n’ en citer que les plus importantes :

  • Le type de contenu doit être différent. On utilisera un contenu simple et amusant pour le marketing B2C, plus détaillé et précis pour le B2B
  • Il faudra prendre en compte que dans un marketing B2B la conclusion de l’achat se fera par plus d’étapes. Contrairement à un marketing B2C. On s’adresse à une structure pour le premier et directement à consommateur pour le deuxième  
  • Il faudra enfin prendre en compte les attentes de l’audience à qui l’on s’adresse. Pour un client B2B il cherche une certaine qualité et expertise. Alors qu’un client B2C recherchera plus un produit attrayant et au meilleur prix .

3-Les différents outils pour faire du B2B

Faire du marketing B2B avec des emails.
Bien gérer ses outils électroniques pour une bonne campagne marketing B2B

Pour commencer les réseaux sociaux et les plateformes comme votre site web, application etc. Sont bien sur des composantes essentiels lors de l’élaboration de votre stratégie marketing.
Mais ces techniques ne vous garantissent pas une prise de contact direct avec que le client que vous souhaitez.

C’est ici que entre en jeu. Grâce à notre base de donnés de millions d’emails d’entreprises certifiés, vous aurez accès à tous les contacts importants. Que ce soit dans votre secteur ou dans d’autres secteurs d’activités. Vous pourrez ainsi générer des leads facilement.

4- Par ou commencer et quoi faire ?

Commencez d’abord par soigner l’image de votre entreprise sur les réseaux sociaux et améliorez le SEO de votre site web pour un meilleur référencement.

Ensuite faites un tour sur notre moteur de recherche pour accéder aux emails de vos client facilement.

Vous pourriez aussi installer notre extension directement sur votre navigateur ou utiliser notre API.

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