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Content Writers for is happy to announce a new partnership / affiliate strategy to recruit new freelancers and bloggers that can write clear marketing posts to promote our products/services

We are looking for a Content Writer to enrich our internet presence with new blog posts, links, guides and marketing articles for keywords such as : email finder free, domain email finder, free email finder, email lead generation extension, free email lookup

5 Easy Steps ..

Step 1 : Subscribe to Minelead.

Go to and create a new profile for your business.

Step 2 : Get your referral link.

Once subscribed, go to account, then copy your personal referral link.

Step 3 : Promote

Create articles and posts about for example comparison between email finders or general digital marketing or email marketing and include your personal referral link in your posts so that any new subscribers will generate 40% commission profit recurrent and life time.

Step 4 : Claim your first initial payment (19$ to 99$)

Once your publish a new post or article to promote our services, we will review it and our team will contact you once approved to send you the initial payment. We approve only posts on new domains and a maximum of one post per domain, ideally the blogger website with a dofollow backlink, the payment amount depends on the DR of the domain.

Step 5 : Get reccurent monthly profit.

Once your post generates new subscribers, you will be able to follow your monthly commission and you receive it by last day of each next month.

for example : by referring one business monthly subscriber, you earn up to 39.9$ per month, for one annual business subscriber, you earn up to 399$ per year.

Example of blogs :

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  1. hello.i will make an article about your website and put it on premium blogs like : Forbes and high quilt blogs or even authority blogs for more details contact it me via email.i dont want to waste anyone time.

    • Hello Jacob,

      Yes please post new articles to promote and let us know for the review.

      Thanks & regards

  2. I would like to be given a chance to write and post blogs aimed at growing your name that I may also join the context with others. I will publish the blogs to known sites.