The 5 best strategies for B2B lead gen

B2B lead generation refers to the process of creating, managing and qualifying sales leads. What we did before entirely “by hand” can today be supplemented by new digital techniques, to offer your sales department more efficiency … Here are the 5 tools of lead gen that we advise you to facilitate your prospection B2B.
Illustration of the lead gen strategies.
Illustration of the lead gen strategies

1/ Trade shows, legendary lead gen tool

The trade show is the historic way to communicate and meet your prospects. It helps to promote and reinforce the message and values of the company.

Although it requires some investment, a trade show concentrates, over a given time and in a specific place, many potential customers. The company can contact prospects directly and evaluate if they can become customers. If your product is suitable, it can be demonstrated on site. All these characteristics make it possible to create a human commercial relationship from the start.

2/ Sales forces, the human to generate leads

The second essential lead gen tool remains the commercial and telephone prospection. Different practices exist: either in the field, by making appointments and meetings, or via a call center.

Direct commercial prospecting establishes a personalized contact with the prospect. The sales person, whether by phone or face-to-face, can collect a lot of information and easily qualify the lead. The sales force makes it possible to generate leads with speed and responsiveness. In addition, the cost of the unit lead is low.

To implement this tool, you can use outgoing call services, which will chain calls. However, this strategy can be very expensive and has average efficiency in B2B. This can also degrade your image, given the intrusiveness of the approach.

If you want to use an outbound call strategy, the ideal is to complete it with an inbound marketing approach. You will be able to interest your prospect with qualitative and relevant content by email and maintain his attention for your product, while contextualizing your approach.

3/ Inbound marketing strategy

The digital transformation induces disruptions in the functioning of our companies. If you want to implement an inbound marketing strategy, you will need at least a website and a content strategy. One of your goals will be to improve your SEO, by offering qualitative content to attract prospects. The good quality of the content positions you as an expert in your field: they reassure your future customers about your reliability and your professionalism and encourage them to contact you “naturally”.

This strategy works and helps control costs. You also have control of your leads:

  • Collect new addresses and phone to fuel your prospection;
  • You can bring these prospects into lead nurturing mechanics: send them specific content that will interest them and bring them into your conversion tunnel.

A good inbound strategy is relatively simple to set up for large structures. This can be more complicated for small: IT and human resources are needed. But it is a method that is proven in the long run: add a layer of marketing automation, and you will reach the summits!

4/ Database purchase

The purchase of databases is another lead gen tool that will allow you to acquire contact details of already qualified prospects (more or less). The company buys data from potential customers from a provider and becomes the owner. She will then be able to use them as she sees fit, to push emailings, enrich her CRM, contact them by phone, etc. But be careful, since the implementation of the RGPD, you must be extremely attentive and respect the legal constraints: think about informing you upstream about the validity of your practices and respect the opinion of your users.

The purchased file is ready to use and its use is not limited in time (however, beware, the data quickly becomes obsolete!). However, this purchase requires some investment and the quality of the data may not be at the rendezvous …

5/ B2B marketplaces

Today, it is interesting to complete your presence on the web by investing in a B2B marketplace, which will increase your visibility. Once you’ve chosen your ideal marketplace and worked out your product listings, just let the leads come to you.

Opting for a B2B marketplace has a huge advantage: it knows how to manage the SEO, the content, the acquisition of the audience to all of its customers. No need to create a whole gas plant on your side! This saves money on these positions and addresses intentional prospects that you could not reach on your own.

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5 common mistakes that a strating business makes

Starting a new business can be very daunting. There will be plenty to consider and lots of planning time will be required. Some days will feel as though you’re on the road to success, and others will feel like everything is going wrong. It will be emotionally and mentally taxing, but hard work and perseverance can ensure that the results are worth it. Although there is no right way to start a new business, there are things that you should avoid doing. Here are the five most common mistakes to avoid:

1. Being afraid of failure

Failure sounds like a negative word and therefore we tend to fear it. But can success be achieved without any failure? Definitely not! If you were never to fail, then how would your business grow? How would you learn new things? Our moments of failure are a chance for us to use the concept of reflective practice to look at things in more depth. Reflective practice is a useful tool to use because it forces us to make a conscious effort to think about events and gain insight into them. Starting a new business will provide many hurdles. Occasionally you will feel as though you are getting nowhere, but sometimes it is as simple as taking some time out to reflect on things and returning to the same task with a refreshed mind. Instead of being afraid of failure, start to view it as an extra opportunity to improve aspects of your business that you would have otherwise overlooked.

2. Undervaluing your product/service

The first thing that you should do when it comes to pricing your products is to carry out comparative research to figure out the average prices that other businesses charge. You might believe that because you are a new business and lack experience that you should charge a lower amount, however, this can affect the customer’s perception of your product. For example, a customer might go for a brand which is more expensive because they believe it to be a lot less risky. Higher prices add more value to your business because they demonstrate confidence that your products are both good quality and valued. The key is to find a price which isn’t significantly less than your competitors but perhaps sits in the middle to the higher end of the pricing table.

3. Skipping market research

This is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made when setting up a new business. You may have come up with an awesome idea, but how many other businesses already offer the very same product/service that you wish to? You first of all need to find out whether there is a market for your business. You can do this by researching the businesses in your local area to find out whether there are already similar businesses, or whether there aren’t enough. Successful business owners understand their competitors and customers wants and needs, they have identified their audience and know how to aim their services towards them based on what they need. Before starting a business, ensure that you have carried out extensive market research to avoid running into problems further down the line.

4. Being impatient

A human lego to illustrate how being impatient is a way to destroy your business
Being impatient is a way to destroy your business

Patience and perseverance are two vital ingredients needed to create a successful business. If your turnover isn’t very high in the first year, or even in the first two years then don’t quit. Some businesses can take many years to build up their reputation and thrive. Word of mouth, experience, market research, and constantly improving your business are just a few ways of increasing your customer base. If you struggle to make much profit to begin with, then don’t fall into the trap of impatience or quit, keep going! Quitting will get you nowhere, but perseverance will pay off in the long-term.

5. Not using social media to advertise your business

A telephone with an illustration of social media to help you to growth your business
Use Social Media to growth your business

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are considered to be fast-evolving marketing and communication channels. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends, family, and to keep up to date with what is going on in the world. It is estimated that around 2.41 billion users are active per month. That is a whopping amount of people! It takes only a short amount of time to set up a business page and it will allow a larger amount of people to engage with your business. Facebook also run pay-per-click ads which allow you to set a budget. They are very useful for marketing in a way that is completely under your control. People are much more likely to believe you to be a reputable customer if they can find you with ease on social media.

The bottom line

Make sure that you have every element of your business covered. Take advantage of the modern facilities we have such as social media platforms, easy access to online marketing research, and use tools such as reflective practice to monitor which aspects of your business work and which don’t. Thanks for reading! You can check out our blog on how to help grow your business by clicking on the link below.

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How you can help to grow your business

If you open up your email inbox, then what is the first thing you notice? It is, of course, the fact that it is inundated with sales campaigns. How many companies market to you every single day? I’m guessing that there might be at least a dozen. 40% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success. Revenue for B2B marketing automation systems increased by 60% to $1.2 million in 2014 compared to a 50% increase in 2013. This strongly suggests that the power behind business sales depend significantly on email campaigns. So how can minelead help with this?

An illustration on how leads can help your business to grow
Leads can help your business to grow

Minelead is a fast-growing company business specializing in business lead generation. The lead generation tool can be used to source email lists of employees from some of the most reputable companies. Attaining a quality email list is the key to helping your business thrive. Having reputable contacts at your fingertips enables you to communicate with them and create successful sales campaigns. Collaborating with other businesses will enable you to gain knowledge and inside information which will help you to identify your target audience. You may use the contacts to carry out market research and build up positive relationships with other businesses who may be able to help promote your business and vice versa.

B2B collaboration

Most start-up businesses cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on marketing. One of the benefits of using minelead is that our lead generation tool is completely free. B2B buyers and sellers may also buy from one another which will establish a long-term relationship and creates money-saving opportunities. By building contacts you will obtain direct access to the latest market information which will, in turn, help you to keep track of the analytical aspects of your target audience.


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Write the perfect articles for your websites

Up to 87% of sales are made online which shows that business marketing mainly exists on the world wide web. Almost every company or small business have a website. After all, if the majority of sales are made online then how would a company become successful without one? That being said, there is one vital ingredient to selling your business, and that ingredient comes in the form of a content writer. But can’t anyone write the content for a website? The answer to that is yes! Anyone can write the content for a website, but not everyone can write in a way which leave a markable impression on potential customers. Content must be written in a way that is compelling, sophisticated and convincing. But it doesn’t end there, and it goes much deeper than you might imagine. Content writers don’t simply write out articles or product descriptions in a provocative manner, they rely on analyzing the current trends and producing similar content without plagiarizing. They must come up with original work, but their work must still fall within the trending categories of content. Google has become like a vicious battle between various websites and articles fighting their way to the top of the list. But how do they get to the top of a search engine?

A good content writer will know that the difference between an eye-catching blog, or a generic one is the readability of the title. When people scan the internet for information, they generally want to read something simple yet informative, which gives them the facts without them having to trudge through thousands of dull words. Simple, snappy titles receive far many more clicks than long, overly complicated ones. We live in a time where information is thrown at us from every angle, and so most of us attempt to filter out anything which isn’t completely necessary. Even our email inboxes are constantly inundated with large quantities of new emails, but do we ever read them all? Of course not. Research suggests that most people only open emails which stand out to them. Perhaps an email of importance takes priority, for example, an email from our employer, or friend. But once we have read the important emails how do we select which ones we will bother reading next?

Well, it all leads back to the title. An eye-catching, provocative title just can’t be resisted. We live in a time where we crave for a quick fix of something to fulfil our needs for sustainable happiness. A juicy title might just contain that very sweet, mood-lifting information we crave for. Potential customers are looking for easy-to-read content which doesn’t require much of their time or brainpower. A good content writer will use tools such as to analyze trending article titles or keywords. They will also understand how to develop their voice which is specific to the type of audience that they are targeting. The first thing you should ever ask your content writer is, ‘How important is a title?’ If they tell you that a title is just a title, then sack them!

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Email generation for your B2B marketing


Welcome! If you are looking for B2B leads, then you have come to the right place. Lead generation is a vital cog inside the machinery of a sales campaign because the success of the sales will be determined by the quality of leads. Businesses must carry out effective marketing in order to truly thrive. That is why minelead focuses on quality rather than quantity. Not only do we provide genuinely, top quality leads, but we are also entirely free to use! There is nothing more exciting than the thrill of a new potential client getting in touch. Magnetizing new clients to your business can be made as easy as ABC when you use our lead generation tool.

How to use the generation tool

First of all, you need to think of a company that you may want to market your business to. This will be completely dependent on the nature of your business and the type of audience you intend to target. Then simply begin to type the name into the search bar. The company will flash up alongside with the number of email addresses on the database. Underneath the company of your choice, there will be the option of clicking on other companies which may sound similar or contain similar letters.

Once you have selected which company you would like to obtain leads from it will then show you the list of emails with around four letters blurred.

But don’t panic! You can access the full details of the leads by signing up which requires only some of your basic information and so doesn’t bite into more than a minute or so of your time.

Once you have signed up you will officially have full access to minelead and all of the handy tools that come with it. It’s easy, right?

Bookmarks and extensions

Some of our special features are what set us aside from other lead generation websites. We have developed a new feature which provides you with quick access to leads for any website that you visit. You can now add leads to a collection to keep a track of the leads that you have established. You can also add minelead to your browser through the chrome webstore. You can acccess these special features by clicking on ‘Collection’ or ‘Extension’.

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4 Ways to do marketing

Imagine that you have spent long arduous hours developing a remarkable product or service, and you’re ready to start selling. But there’s one problem, you can’t sell without a market.

Anyone can create a new website, start a business, or write a book. but, the work doesn’t finish there. in fact, it has only just started. So, what now ? Marketing can at times seem like a minefield. but I am going to simplify it for you by suggesting ten ways for an effective marketing

1. Target marketing

Target marketing is where specific market segments within a larger audience are identified and targeted with ad campaigns. This process is very common, and helps companies achieve higher value by accumulating the correct contacts, and by targeting the right audience.

Firstly, you must identify similar characteristics within your audience which may include geography, demographics, or incomes.

You can find out your target market by using sales tracking, or carrying out customer surveys. Once you have identified individual segments, you can target them using the way that they will be receptive to the most.

2. Build relationships

Establishing strong relationships with both your existing and potential contacts is crucial, and that’s where Minelead comes into things. One of the most effective ways of keeping in touch is by sending informative, and professional emails. In today’s modern world, almost everyone can access their emails with the click of a finger.

Minelead is a lead generation service, that gives you a list of employee emails, from companies all across the world. Minelead makes it simple and easy for you to find new contacts for your business.

YouTube was first launched in 2005, and has now become one of the most visited sites in history. Brands utilize this platform for marketing by taking advantage of easy-to-use functionalities. like live streaming, voice recognition and content algorithms.

on Youtube, you can create videos on how to use your product, or pay a reputable youtuber to review it.

3. Referral programmes

A referral program is used by companies to incentivise people to tell others about their products and services. People are twice as likely to pay attention to referrals from a friend. It also increases the loyalty of your existing customers, by having them invest more deeply into your brand. Creating a tempting referral program will make your existing customers feel valued, and earn you new customers as well.

4. Social media marketing

We all know that social media sites like Facebook, are the most popular hotspots for pretty much everything and anything. Most people from all across the world are active on at least one of those sites. Being present on social media will slowly begin to build up your popularity.

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