Minelead: find email addresses with business site URL

Obtaining customers is the foundation of any business that wishes to ensure its development and economic survival. Commercial prospecting is the process of finding new customers. It’s the most important step in growing your business regardless of the size of your business. Because, unless you are in a niche market in which you are already known, it is only by commercial prospecting that you can increase your turnover If you are looking for prospects for your new business but you only know the names of a few companies in the field. No worries, Minelead.io takes care of the rest.

The main page of our website minelead.io
The main page of our website minelead.io

What is Minelead.io?

Our website presents itself as the solution of choice for an effective, precise and modern marketing strategy. For the commercial development of your business you will have to look for prospects, in other words potential future customers. Traditional marketing techniques would require you to send spam emails without targeting. With Minelead.io, we offer you a more precise and targeted digital marketing approach, by finding e-mails from companies in your field.

How it works ?

First, type minelead.io in the search bar of your search engine. Then enter the URL of the website of the company you want to target. And that’s it. The site will tap into its database to find the contacts and emails for the company you’re looking for. If necessary, it will perform a real-time search in the various directories and resources to respond to your request. The solution offered by minelead.io is completely free and allows you to carry out your marketing campaign without having the wrong targets by giving you access to 250 contacts in total. Registration within the site will allow you to expand your contacts by giving you access to an unlimited list, with the possibility of exporting that to an Excel file.

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The 5 best strategies for B2B lead gen

B2B lead generation refers to the process of creating, managing and qualifying sales leads. What we did before entirely “by hand” can today be supplemented by new digital techniques, to offer your sales department more efficiency … Here are the 5 tools of lead gen that we advise you to facilitate your prospection B2B.
Illustration of the lead gen strategies.
Illustration of the lead gen strategies

1/ Trade shows, legendary lead gen tool

The trade show is the historic way to communicate and meet your prospects. It helps to promote and reinforce the message and values of the company.

Although it requires some investment, a trade show concentrates, over a given time and in a specific place, many potential customers. The company can contact prospects directly and evaluate if they can become customers. If your product is suitable, it can be demonstrated on site. All these characteristics make it possible to create a human commercial relationship from the start.

2/ Sales forces, the human to generate leads

The second essential lead gen tool remains the commercial and telephone prospection. Different practices exist: either in the field, by making appointments and meetings, or via a call center.

Direct commercial prospecting establishes a personalized contact with the prospect. The sales person, whether by phone or face-to-face, can collect a lot of information and easily qualify the lead. The sales force makes it possible to generate leads with speed and responsiveness. In addition, the cost of the unit lead is low.

To implement this tool, you can use outgoing call services, which will chain calls. However, this strategy can be very expensive and has average efficiency in B2B. This can also degrade your image, given the intrusiveness of the approach.

If you want to use an outbound call strategy, the ideal is to complete it with an inbound marketing approach. You will be able to interest your prospect with qualitative and relevant content by email and maintain his attention for your product, while contextualizing your approach.

3/ Inbound marketing strategy

The digital transformation induces disruptions in the functioning of our companies. If you want to implement an inbound marketing strategy, you will need at least a website and a content strategy. One of your goals will be to improve your SEO, by offering qualitative content to attract prospects. The good quality of the content positions you as an expert in your field: they reassure your future customers about your reliability and your professionalism and encourage them to contact you “naturally”.

This strategy works and helps control costs. You also have control of your leads:

  • Collect new addresses and phone to fuel your prospection;
  • You can bring these prospects into lead nurturing mechanics: send them specific content that will interest them and bring them into your conversion tunnel.

A good inbound strategy is relatively simple to set up for large structures. This can be more complicated for small: IT and human resources are needed. But it is a method that is proven in the long run: add a layer of marketing automation, and you will reach the summits!

4/ Database purchase

The purchase of databases is another lead gen tool that will allow you to acquire contact details of already qualified prospects (more or less). The company buys data from potential customers from a provider and becomes the owner. She will then be able to use them as she sees fit, to push emailings, enrich her CRM, contact them by phone, etc. But be careful, since the implementation of the RGPD, you must be extremely attentive and respect the legal constraints: think about informing you upstream about the validity of your practices and respect the opinion of your users.

The purchased file is ready to use and its use is not limited in time (however, beware, the data quickly becomes obsolete!). However, this purchase requires some investment and the quality of the data may not be at the rendezvous …

5/ B2B marketplaces

Today, it is interesting to complete your presence on the web by investing in a B2B marketplace, which will increase your visibility. Once you’ve chosen your ideal marketplace and worked out your product listings, just let the leads come to you.

Opting for a B2B marketplace has a huge advantage: it knows how to manage the SEO, the content, the acquisition of the audience to all of its customers. No need to create a whole gas plant on your side! This saves money on these positions and addresses intentional prospects that you could not reach on your own.

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SEO: the key to improving your sales

E-commerce has grown tremendously in recent years. More and more sales are made on dedicated web platforms. To make the internet users use search engines like Google or Amazon. That’s why a good SEO or SEO on these engines is an assurance of selling your product.

In this article you will have some keys to understanding SEO. And have the keys to master it and improve your sales figures on web platforms.

SEO: definition

Before entering the subject a little definition is needed. SEO is a set of techniques, implemented to improve the position of a website on SERPs.

Illustrations des différents aspects  du SEO
The different aspects of SEO

How does SEO help me make more sales?

There are three types of searches on the Google search engine:

Informational research: this is research done to find specific information. In the majority of cases they are written in the form of a question.

Browsing searches: these are searches carried out by Internet users to access a website. Example: Facebook or Minelead.io 😀
  Transactional searches: these are the ones that interest us the most. These are searches for a product or product type that are often associated with purchase intent. This is why it will be necessary to place your keywords on this category of researches. The interest of SEO lies therefore in improving the indexing of your site. So to make sales it will be necessary:

  • Aiming for particular niches
  • Appear as high as possible on a niche that you are aiming for

Some tips to improve the indexation of your site:

  • Improve the use of your HTML tags, example: <h1>, etc.
  • The use of internal and external links.
  • Improve the conversion rate of your site
  • Improve the look of your website and its loading time.

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B2C marketing: the essentials to get started

We were talking to you in a previous article about B2B marketing and its strategies, in this week’s articles we will take a look at B2C marketing. You will learn the main keys to get started and define a good sales strategy.

B2C Marketing: definition

B2C is the acronym for “Business to consumer”, so it is a set of techniques and methods aimed at particular consumers.

It is the general public marketing that is observed in the big posters. Whether in dedicated advertising spaces, on television or on websites. It is by definition therefore more visible, as opposed to B2B which is more discreet.

Main differences between B2C and B2C

There are some differences to consider when developing a B2C marketing strategy.

Marketing Content: B2C marketing will target a broad category of classes, that is, people with different socio-economic factors and needs. The content will have to be adapted to the greatest number, with an easy message and intended for a wide audience.

The buying decision: transactions in a B2C market are often more spontaneous and more impulsive. These are therefore short-term and singular events. Unlike a B2B market that will use more complex channels for sale.

The expectations and needs of the customer: the general public will base their purchase decision on more subjective markers such as the price, the image of the brand, the attachment to a particular eco-system, etc.

On the contrary, a consumer of a B2B market will base his decision on markers such as the quality of the service and the expertise offered by a brand.

B2C distribution channels

There are several distribution channels to market and sell your products

  • First of all classic TV and magazine commercials.
  • Websites and mobile applications.
  • Market places style: Amazon, Facebook, eBay, etc.
  • Physical trades.
  • Phone calls.

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Inbound Marketing: nouveau phénomène.

Les techniques marketing ont changé depuis quelques années.  Et l’on observe l’émergence de nouveaux concepts pour pallier aux problèmes du marketing traditionnelles, considérées par les internautes comme étant trop intrusives.

C’est en 2006 que le terme “Inbound Marketing” est utilisé pour la première fois. Inventé par Dharmesh Shah co-fondateur de HubSpot. Remarquant que le trafic généré par son blog de l’époque pouvait être utilisé à des fins commerciales. Ce qu’il fera ensuite, en vendant un logiciel qu’il a lui même crée.

Donc qu’est-ce que c’est ?

C’est un ensemble de techniques pour transformer l’intérêt d’un internaute à un contenu de qualité en une vente. Pour cela on utilise des techniques comme: le lead nutring. C’est-à-dire que l’on attire d’abord un internaute sur une plateforme. En lui proposant notamment des articles, des photos etc. Puis on transforme cet intérêt en une publicité cachée. Tout cela lui faire souscrire un abonnement ou lui faire acheter un produit. Via le biais de boutons Call To action ou des formulaires à remplir pour s’abonner à des news letter.

Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

Illustration de la comparaison entre l'Inbound Marketing et l'Outbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

L’Outbound Marketing est le marketing dit « traditionnel ». C’est un marketing non ciblé qui utilise des canaux comme la télévision, la radio et les magazines. C’est un marketing de masse qui ne propose aucune expérience personnalisée à l’auditeur ou le lecteur. Qui de ce fait ne tient pas vraiment compte de ses besoins et attentes.

L’inbound marketing quant à lui est un marketing plus personnel et plus proche de l’auditeur. Il permet de créer une expérience unique. Pour ainsi, créer un attachement du client à la marque.

Grâce à des techniques de lead nutring. Vous pourrez ainsi changer la simple curiosité d’un visiteur d’un blog en un futur prospect.

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Trouver un e-mail avec un nom domaine 

Vous cherchez l’adresse mail d’une entreprise et vous n’avez que l’URL de son site web comme information ? Ne vous en faites Minelead.io est la solution pour vous. Suivez notre guide pour savoir comment ceci fonctionne.

Minelead c’est quoi ?

Minelead.io est un générateur d’adresse mail en ligne. Grâce à une base de données qui contient les contacts de plusieurs entreprises. Vous pourrez trouver tous vos contacts juste en fournissant le nom domaine du site de l’entreprise que vous cherchez.

Comment ça fonctionne ?

Tout d’abord, il faut aller sur le moteur de recherche du site web dont voici une photo :

Page d'accueil du générateur d'adresse mail Minelead
La page d’accueil du générateur d’adresse mail

Ensuite, vous devrez fournir le nom de domaine (l’URL) du site web de l’entreprise dont vous cherchez les contacts. Rien de plus !
Eh oui, le site web prend tout en charge par la suite. Il cherchera d’abord si les emails ne se trouvent pas dans sa base de données déjà prête. Rassurez vous-même s’ils ne les trouvent pas, il effectuera une recherche en temps réel pour la trouver dans d’autres annuaires en ligne.

Vous aurez accès ainsi à une liste de 250 contacts au total. Ceci est l’offre de base : c’est-à-dire l’offre sans enregistrement. Si vous souhaitez avoir une liste de contacts illimitée, avoir la possibilité de tout exporter dans un fichier en format Excel. Il faudra tout simplement vous inscrire au site.

Sachez aussi que le site vous offre la possibilité d’effectuer toutes ces opérations depuis votre navigateur directement. Pour ça il faudra tout simplement installer l’extension depuis la bibliothèque de chrome ou directement depuis ce lien. De plus, l’extension vous permet d’afficher tous les contacts disponibles d’un site dès que vous le visitez sur internet.

Enfin, le site web propose une fonctionnalité et vous permet d’intégrer son API directement à votre application. Donc, n’attendez plus et faites le test de toutes ces fonctionnalités dès maintenant !

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Minelead vs Hunter : une comparaison des deux offres

Vous vous lancez dans une campagne marketing B2B et vous cherchez quel outil est le mieux adapté à votre usage, nous vous avons concocté un comparatif entre Minelead et Hunter pour l’article de cette semaine.  

Interface du site Minelead
Interface de Minelead

Minelead et Hunter, d’abord qu’est ce que c’est :

Ce sont des outils génération d’emails, c’est-à-dire des outils qui vous permettent grâce à des annuaires en ligne. Mais aussi à des techniques de Web scrapping de trouver l’adresse mail de n’importe quelle société que vous cherchez.
Ils sont plus ou moins similaires avec des différences notables sur les prix et les techniques employés.

1 –La méthode :

Pour toujours vous fournir la bonne adresse mail, les deux utilisent des bases de données de millions d’annuaires en ligne. Même si Minelead se distingue par rapport à son concurrent par le fait qu’il opère une recherche en temps réel. C’est-à-dire que s’il n’arrive pas à trouver la bonne adresse, il commencera à la chercher directement sur d’autres sources. Ceci vous garantira de toujours trouver l’adresse que vous recherchez.

2 –Les outils :

Sur ce point, les deux sites sont totalement similaires. Les deux vous offrent la possibilité de rechercher vos adresses directement sur votre navigateur Web. Vous pourriez aussi directement installer une extension sur votre navigateur et rechercher depuis cette dernière. Sachez aussi qu’ils offrent aussi une API pour les développeurs si vous souhaitez l’intégrer à votre application.

3 –Les prix :

C’est ici que l’écart se creuse. Hunter vous propose une offre avec inscription pour 50 résultats/mois. Pour plus de résultats, vous devrez payer 50 $ pour l’offre avec 1000 résultats et jusqu’à 400 $ pour l’offre avec 50 000 résultats.

Minelead quant à lui vous propose déjà une offre sans inscription avec 250 résultats. Pour avoir accès à une offre avec des résultats illimités vous devrez vous inscrire sur le site et à vous les millions d’emails sur le site.


Si les deux offres sont plus ou moins similaires sur les performances (en excluant la recherche en temps réel). Minelead paraît une meilleure solution pour vous lancer dans le lead marketing. Grâce à son offre illimitée et gratuite, vous pourrez vous familiariser avec ce type d’outils sans frais. Et ainsi faire la promotion de vos services gratuitement.

Donc lancez-vous dès maintenant et faites le test.

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Lead marketing, qu’est ce que c’est et par ou commencer ?

Le lead marketing est  un concept émargeant depuis quelques années. Suivez cet article pour comprendre ce que c’est. Ainsi vous pourrez avoir toutes les clés en main pour avoir de bons retours sur votre campagne marketing B2B.  

D’abord c’est quoi un lead ?

Lead est un anglicisme utilisé pour désigner un contact commercial, c’est à dire un contact enregistré auprès d’un prospect.

Oui mais un Prospect, c’est quoi ?!

C’est un client potentiel. Il peut s’agir d’un contact effectue par un commercial de manière direct (Salon, foire …etc). Ou d’une prise de contact par appel téléphonique, lecture d’un e-mail  ou d’une visite d’un site web.

D’accord, mais finalement, ce n’est pas la même chose ?!

Ces deux termes sont souvent confondus dans le domaine du marketing. Les jeunes commerciaux qui se lancent dans le métier, considèrent souvent un lead comme un prospect. Or ce n’est pas le cas et le schéma ci-dessus l’explique très bien :

Schéma expliquant les différentes étapes du Lead Marketing.
Schéma expliquant les étapes du Lead Marketing

Dans le domaine du lead marketing, on attire d’abord des inconnus sur une plateforme. Ces inconnus se transforment ensuite en visiteurs de notre site web. C’est ici  qu’on doit faire ce qu’on appelle du lead nutring. C’est-à-dire transformer le petit intérêt du visiteur en une potentielle vente. Ceci se fait généralement par le renvoie vers une autre page qui vous propose un service ou le remplissage d’un formulaire pour une news letter par exemple.

Enfin l’équipe marketing transmet les dossiers des leads générés ainsi aux commerciaux. Ces derniers analysent  ces leads et décident ou non de prendre contact pour conclure une vente.

C’est ainsi qu’on procéde pour une campagne de lead marketing efficace. Alors ne faites pas vous aussi l’erreur de confondre lead et prospect la prochaine fois.

D’accord, maintenant comment je fais ?

Vous avez compris toutes les notions relatives au lead marketing, mais vous ne savez pas comment commencer ?

Premièrement vous devez avant tout avoir une vitrines pour vos produits. Que ce soit un site web, une page sur les réseaux sociaux etc. Ensuite vous devez vous assurez du bon référencement de votre vitrine grâce aux méthodes de SEO. Enfin vous devez quantifier tous vos leads et les analyser afin de prendre la bonne décision et de contacter les bonnes personnes.

Vous pourriez aussi utiliser notre générateur d’adresses mails, pour pouvoir prendre contact avec les clients que vous désirer. Et dont vous avez vérifié la pertinence.

Cet outil existe aussi en format extension Google et en API.

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5 common mistakes that a strating business makes

Starting a new business can be very daunting. There will be plenty to consider and lots of planning time will be required. Some days will feel as though you’re on the road to success, and others will feel like everything is going wrong. It will be emotionally and mentally taxing, but hard work and perseverance can ensure that the results are worth it. Although there is no right way to start a new business, there are things that you should avoid doing. Here are the five most common mistakes to avoid:

1. Being afraid of failure

Failure sounds like a negative word and therefore we tend to fear it. But can success be achieved without any failure? Definitely not! If you were never to fail, then how would your business grow? How would you learn new things? Our moments of failure are a chance for us to use the concept of reflective practice to look at things in more depth. Reflective practice is a useful tool to use because it forces us to make a conscious effort to think about events and gain insight into them. Starting a new business will provide many hurdles. Occasionally you will feel as though you are getting nowhere, but sometimes it is as simple as taking some time out to reflect on things and returning to the same task with a refreshed mind. Instead of being afraid of failure, start to view it as an extra opportunity to improve aspects of your business that you would have otherwise overlooked.

2. Undervaluing your product/service

The first thing that you should do when it comes to pricing your products is to carry out comparative research to figure out the average prices that other businesses charge. You might believe that because you are a new business and lack experience that you should charge a lower amount, however, this can affect the customer’s perception of your product. For example, a customer might go for a brand which is more expensive because they believe it to be a lot less risky. Higher prices add more value to your business because they demonstrate confidence that your products are both good quality and valued. The key is to find a price which isn’t significantly less than your competitors but perhaps sits in the middle to the higher end of the pricing table.

3. Skipping market research

This is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made when setting up a new business. You may have come up with an awesome idea, but how many other businesses already offer the very same product/service that you wish to? You first of all need to find out whether there is a market for your business. You can do this by researching the businesses in your local area to find out whether there are already similar businesses, or whether there aren’t enough. Successful business owners understand their competitors and customers wants and needs, they have identified their audience and know how to aim their services towards them based on what they need. Before starting a business, ensure that you have carried out extensive market research to avoid running into problems further down the line.

4. Being impatient

A human lego to illustrate how being impatient is a way to destroy your business
Being impatient is a way to destroy your business

Patience and perseverance are two vital ingredients needed to create a successful business. If your turnover isn’t very high in the first year, or even in the first two years then don’t quit. Some businesses can take many years to build up their reputation and thrive. Word of mouth, experience, market research, and constantly improving your business are just a few ways of increasing your customer base. If you struggle to make much profit to begin with, then don’t fall into the trap of impatience or quit, keep going! Quitting will get you nowhere, but perseverance will pay off in the long-term.

5. Not using social media to advertise your business

A telephone with an illustration of social media to help you to growth your business
Use Social Media to growth your business

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are considered to be fast-evolving marketing and communication channels. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends, family, and to keep up to date with what is going on in the world. It is estimated that around 2.41 billion users are active per month. That is a whopping amount of people! It takes only a short amount of time to set up a business page and it will allow a larger amount of people to engage with your business. Facebook also run pay-per-click ads which allow you to set a budget. They are very useful for marketing in a way that is completely under your control. People are much more likely to believe you to be a reputable customer if they can find you with ease on social media.

The bottom line

Make sure that you have every element of your business covered. Take advantage of the modern facilities we have such as social media platforms, easy access to online marketing research, and use tools such as reflective practice to monitor which aspects of your business work and which don’t. Thanks for reading! You can check out our blog on how to help grow your business by clicking on the link below.

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How you can help to grow your business

If you open up your email inbox, then what is the first thing you notice? It is, of course, the fact that it is inundated with sales campaigns. How many companies market to you every single day? I’m guessing that there might be at least a dozen. 40% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success. Revenue for B2B marketing automation systems increased by 60% to $1.2 million in 2014 compared to a 50% increase in 2013. This strongly suggests that the power behind business sales depend significantly on email campaigns. So how can minelead help with this?

An illustration on how leads can help your business to grow
Leads can help your business to grow

Minelead is a fast-growing company business specializing in business lead generation. The lead generation tool can be used to source email lists of employees from some of the most reputable companies. Attaining a quality email list is the key to helping your business thrive. Having reputable contacts at your fingertips enables you to communicate with them and create successful sales campaigns. Collaborating with other businesses will enable you to gain knowledge and inside information which will help you to identify your target audience. You may use the contacts to carry out market research and build up positive relationships with other businesses who may be able to help promote your business and vice versa.

B2B collaboration

Most start-up businesses cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on marketing. One of the benefits of using minelead is that our lead generation tool is completely free. B2B buyers and sellers may also buy from one another which will establish a long-term relationship and creates money-saving opportunities. By building contacts you will obtain direct access to the latest market information which will, in turn, help you to keep track of the analytical aspects of your target audience.





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