Conversion Rate and Website Speed

The conversion rate of your website is determined by the fraction of visitors who follow through to the target page, which may be anything- ranging from filling up a form (allowing you to collect valuable lead information) to making a transaction. The reason behind this rate being marginal is the credibility of your leads.

If your website traffic mostly consists of casual surfers, then the chances of them following through with the landing page to the target one are likely to be minimal. However, if you’re doing well with lead generation, then you are less likely to have a hard time keeping your conversion rates up.

Showing conversion rate with respect to website loading speed.
Website optimization actively drives your conversion rate

Out of all the relevant factors, the conversion rate of your website is fundamentally dependent on its loading speed, and its overall optimization. Assuming you have a steady flow of traffic to your website, the factor you get to work with is the optimization- mainly that of the loading speeds.

If you are going for the numbers, here are some statistically significant ones:

  • The bouncing rate of visitors change exponentially over time. The standard for loading a single page is 3 seconds. A second over that and the probability of a bounce increases by 32%. Add two more seconds to the time and the bounce rate goes up to a staggering 90%.
  • Bouncing isn’t the only thing that follows if your website has sub-standard loading times. Analytics suggest that this reduces the probability of a recurring visit to a measly 20%.
  • Most visitors expect a full website load within 10 seconds. Anything over that simply makes them rebound to the search page for better results.

On the bright side, we’ll find that a single second of improvement results in a hefty 2% increment in conversion rates (Google Analytics). Multiply that with your hourly offerings, and you are likely to get a generous growth curve.

As mentioned before, it comes down to the quality of leads- the better they are, the more organic traffic you are going to drive to your website. Entrepreneurs have quite a few options in their hands when it comes to digital solutions. However, nothing works the charm like a little web research does! There are a handful of tools (like Minelead) which offer free e-mail finding services (point to be noted, e-mail marketing still remains one of the best ways of mass advertising). If you can fire up an effective template, then you might just be on the right way to bumping those rates up!

Free Lead Generation: E-mail Marketing for Startups

Depicts relation between lead generation and digital marketing
Lead generation is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing.

There are no one-step solutions when it comes to marketing approaches for your business. However, what are available are the individual puzzle pieces, which sum up to reveal the big picture: sustained business growth. When it comes to driving sales, nothing works better than quality leads, with the focus being on the word “quality,” as this delineates the potency of the lead. If it doesn’t have a solid conversion rate, then you really don’t have anything to work with.

There are quite a handful of lead generation strategies available in the marketplace presently. However, what most people don’t realize is that no two businesses are going to have the same approach to meet their growth projections. Marketing approach varies based on individual targets. For example, a strategy which drove majority of the quarterly sales for Company A might fail to materialize properly for Company B. Hence our epiphany: it’s always better to go with custom-tailored solutions. This is where lead sourcing steps in. It’s an integral part of most custom solutions. If done right, this may enable you to get a solid advantage over the competition; however, this may turn out to be quite expensive, as quality leads are usually hard to come by, and small businesses already have a hard time allocating separate budgets for marketing purposes.

Thankfully, this doesn’t necessarily have to be an obstacle. Free lead generation definitely turned some heads since the fast few years, and has the potential of being as effective as its premium counterpart (if done right). It’s not a singular term; this can be accomplished in more ways than one. However, we’re going to focus on e-mail marketing for the better part of the discussion.

  • What constitutes e-mail marketing?

It can be anything which has the potential to turn a prospect into an actual client, provided it is directed via e-mails to the lead’s inbox. This is hailed as one of the most effective ways to directly interact with your customers, as it is cost-friendly, and borders around minimalism. The objective is usually multifaceted: direct customized e-mails at your target audience, which will enable them to stay sharply synchronized with your offerings while ensuring a solid conversion ratio for your business.

  • Who are the intended recipients?

This is an important highlight of the discussion. The recipients or leads are usually prospective clients associated with your business. Reaching out to them should be one of the foci of your marketing strategy. Singling out the potential customers involve generating quality leads, as customers won’t follow up with a business that they have no interest in. In order to ensure a substantial conversion rate, you’ll need to tunnel your efforts towards your target audience.

Lead generation revolves around the mining of the contact information of your target clientele. This can be accomplished in quite a few ways; however, our discussion will be centered on the free ones. These are the ones which consist of a sizeable online database equipped with regular updates. Some also feature proprietary browser extensions, which latch on to the sites you visit, and mine the relevant leads from the source itself. Again, there are website functionalities, which allow elaborate search parameters. When coupled with a veteran marketing team, the free lead-generation modules can amplify your business’ reach to new extents. As an example, we can refer to Minelead as our go-to e-mail finder service. They have an extensive database of quality leads, and they assist you in redirecting/concentrating your mining efforts with their filtering mechanism, and handy browser extension. You can check them out at their website; alternatively, if you’re looking for the extension, you can download it here (compatible with most web browsers).

  • What is the scope of free e-mail marketing?

The scope of free lead generation can be quite expansive. If you’re going for a multi-step marketing strategy, then it’ll be worthwhile to include this in your advertisement arsenal. It’s a page out of the playbook of many successful startups, and the chances are it’ll work just as well for you.

As with other free services, e-mail finding is likely to have some shortcomings if you’re going for budget options. However, this is not meant to work as a standalone approach; it is rather tailored to supplement your SEO practices in tandem with the rest of your marketing strategies. That way, you’ll be able to go the extra mile to drive your sales up while maintaining a stable conversion ratio.

What’s a Good Alternative to ?

Email is a focus of many businesses’ marketing efforts.
What’s a Good Alternative to ? have you ever tried ?
It makes sense to use email because, well, everybody has it:

Beyond its ubiquity, email marketing is scalable, effective, and reasonably easy to implement. And, it has the potential to drive tremendous ROI; according to research, email marketing delivers an average return-on-investment of $44 for every $1 spent.

Email prospecting gives you a way to increase your visibility with these email-checking consumers. Rather than cold calling one potential contact at a time, you can send emails and start the communication process with multiple prospects at the same time.

However, before you can send emails, you need to be able to access accurate email addresses for high-potential prospects. There are costs that come along with collecting and maintaining good email lists; it takes time and money to ensure a healthy list.

  • Email data decays quickly because people move from company to company, or because they’re no longer interested in receiving communications. It’s estimated that data decays at a rate of about 2% per month. That means almost one-fourth of your email list is outdated by the time a year passes.
  • Maintaining lists manually takes time. You have to be willing to scrutinize your database to purge duplicates and miskeyed addresses, remove unsubscribers, and delete those with websites/companies that are no longer functional.
  • Even with a clean list, you still have to dedicate time to growing it. After all, at a 20% rate of decay, if you don’t search out new prospects, you won’t have an email list at all in just a few years.

Email prospecting tools such as are used to find and verify emails. allows users to search domains for potential email addresses, clean email lists, and set up email drip campaigns.

Lead Generation in Your Browser – Find Emails With The Minelead Browser Extension

Lead generation is a necessary procedure, for any business or individual that want to connect and grow their network. but it’s often a tedious process to go through.

Today, we are going to take a look at why traditional lead generation methods, aren’t a good approach anymore. then, we will take a look at how makes the process of lead generation, as easy as one can imagine.

Why Traditional Lead Generation is no longer easy and effective, and how is replacing it

Many methods have constantly been used, to acquire new customers or reach out to decision makers. from paying for highly curated databases of email addresses, to making a simple google search. no matter the method, everybody agrees that getting the contact information for the people who you want to reach out to is a hard thing to do. and its getting even harder with all the ads driven search results, and big tech trying to hog data all to its self, while keeping us “the consumer”, as a puppet for data collection. instead of giving us all access, and free choice on what we see and how we see it.

Let’s face it, finding information isn’t as easy as it used to be. spammers from one side, and big tech from another, have destroyed the peaceful networking environment that the internet was all about, a few years back. data collection have made both businesses and individuals very careful with what they share. especially their contact information. do not get me wrong, it is still out there. but, where as before we used to find it with a simple search query. today, information is hidden behind “sign up” processes and subscription plans. it’s either you pay, or you don’t get data. and that’s why we started

Minelead allows users to find contact information, without having to spend hours searching the web. you access the website, you write a domain name, you get emails. and the best thing about it all, is that its FREE and UNLIMITED.

Lead Generation in Your Browser

Sometimes, typing a company domain name in a search bar and pressing “FIND EMAILS” can be tiring. so we started thinking of ways, to make lead generation even MORE easier. and that’s when the browser extension appeared.

With the browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox, you just open the extension, click a button, and get emails.

Let’s say that you’re an athlete or a talent manager, and you want sponsorship opportunities. you have always dreamed of getting a big sponsor, maybe Nike or Adidas. But you can’t get those sponsorships since no one knows who you are, because you haven’t built the necessary connections in the industry.

Well, this is where Minelead comes into play, and it’s easier than ever.

STEP 1 : Access the website and open the Minelead browser extension

Finding Emails using

STEP 2 : Click on Find Emails and Get the Results

Minelead Browser Extension’s Result

As you can clearly see, Minelead makes the hassle of doing lead generation a thing of the past. from now on, forget about tedious searches and disheartening results. install the Minelead browser extension, and enjoy the easiest and most reliable lead generation tool on the internet.

Minelead: find email addresses with business site URL

Obtaining customers is the foundation of any business that wishes to ensure its development and economic survival. Commercial prospecting is the process of finding new customers. It’s the most important step in growing your business regardless of the size of your business. Because, unless you are in a niche market in which you are already known, it is only by commercial prospecting that you can increase your turnover If you are looking for prospects for your new business but you only know the names of a few companies in the field. No worries, takes care of the rest.

The main page of our website
The main page of our website

What is

Our website presents itself as the solution of choice for an effective, precise and modern marketing strategy. For the commercial development of your business you will have to look for prospects, in other words potential future customers. Traditional marketing techniques would require you to send spam emails without targeting. With, we offer you a more precise and targeted digital marketing approach, by finding e-mails from companies in your field.

How it works ?

First, type in the search bar of your search engine. Then enter the URL of the website of the company you want to target. And that’s it. The site will tap into its database to find the contacts and emails for the company you’re looking for. If necessary, it will perform a real-time search in the various directories and resources to respond to your request. The solution offered by is completely free and allows you to carry out your marketing campaign without having the wrong targets by giving you access to 250 contacts in total. Registration within the site will allow you to expand your contacts by giving you access to an unlimited list, with the possibility of exporting that to an Excel file.

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The 5 best strategies for B2B lead gen

B2B lead generation refers to the process of creating, managing and qualifying sales leads. What we did before entirely “by hand” can today be supplemented by new digital techniques, to offer your sales department more efficiency … Here are the 5 tools of lead gen that we advise you to facilitate your prospection B2B.
Illustration of the lead gen strategies.
Illustration of the lead gen strategies

1/ Trade shows, legendary lead gen tool

The trade show is the historic way to communicate and meet your prospects. It helps to promote and reinforce the message and values of the company.

Although it requires some investment, a trade show concentrates, over a given time and in a specific place, many potential customers. The company can contact prospects directly and evaluate if they can become customers. If your product is suitable, it can be demonstrated on site. All these characteristics make it possible to create a human commercial relationship from the start.

2/ Sales forces, the human to generate leads

The second essential lead gen tool remains the commercial and telephone prospection. Different practices exist: either in the field, by making appointments and meetings, or via a call center.

Direct commercial prospecting establishes a personalized contact with the prospect. The sales person, whether by phone or face-to-face, can collect a lot of information and easily qualify the lead. The sales force makes it possible to generate leads with speed and responsiveness. In addition, the cost of the unit lead is low.

To implement this tool, you can use outgoing call services, which will chain calls. However, this strategy can be very expensive and has average efficiency in B2B. This can also degrade your image, given the intrusiveness of the approach.

If you want to use an outbound call strategy, the ideal is to complete it with an inbound marketing approach. You will be able to interest your prospect with qualitative and relevant content by email and maintain his attention for your product, while contextualizing your approach.

3/ Inbound marketing strategy

The digital transformation induces disruptions in the functioning of our companies. If you want to implement an inbound marketing strategy, you will need at least a website and a content strategy. One of your goals will be to improve your SEO, by offering qualitative content to attract prospects. The good quality of the content positions you as an expert in your field: they reassure your future customers about your reliability and your professionalism and encourage them to contact you “naturally”.

This strategy works and helps control costs. You also have control of your leads:

  • Collect new addresses and phone to fuel your prospection;
  • You can bring these prospects into lead nurturing mechanics: send them specific content that will interest them and bring them into your conversion tunnel.

A good inbound strategy is relatively simple to set up for large structures. This can be more complicated for small: IT and human resources are needed. But it is a method that is proven in the long run: add a layer of marketing automation, and you will reach the summits!

4/ Database purchase

The purchase of databases is another lead gen tool that will allow you to acquire contact details of already qualified prospects (more or less). The company buys data from potential customers from a provider and becomes the owner. She will then be able to use them as she sees fit, to push emailings, enrich her CRM, contact them by phone, etc. But be careful, since the implementation of the RGPD, you must be extremely attentive and respect the legal constraints: think about informing you upstream about the validity of your practices and respect the opinion of your users.

The purchased file is ready to use and its use is not limited in time (however, beware, the data quickly becomes obsolete!). However, this purchase requires some investment and the quality of the data may not be at the rendezvous …

5/ B2B marketplaces

Today, it is interesting to complete your presence on the web by investing in a B2B marketplace, which will increase your visibility. Once you’ve chosen your ideal marketplace and worked out your product listings, just let the leads come to you.

Opting for a B2B marketplace has a huge advantage: it knows how to manage the SEO, the content, the acquisition of the audience to all of its customers. No need to create a whole gas plant on your side! This saves money on these positions and addresses intentional prospects that you could not reach on your own.

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SEO: the key to improving your sales

E-commerce has grown tremendously in recent years. More and more sales are made on dedicated web platforms. To make the internet users use search engines like Google or Amazon. That’s why a good SEO or SEO on these engines is an assurance of selling your product.

In this article you will have some keys to understanding SEO. And have the keys to master it and improve your sales figures on web platforms.

SEO: definition

Before entering the subject a little definition is needed. SEO is a set of techniques, implemented to improve the position of a website on SERPs.

Illustrations des différents aspects  du SEO
The different aspects of SEO

How does SEO help me make more sales?

There are three types of searches on the Google search engine:

Informational research: this is research done to find specific information. In the majority of cases they are written in the form of a question.

Browsing searches: these are searches carried out by Internet users to access a website. Example: Facebook or 😀
  Transactional searches: these are the ones that interest us the most. These are searches for a product or product type that are often associated with purchase intent. This is why it will be necessary to place your keywords on this category of researches. The interest of SEO lies therefore in improving the indexing of your site. So to make sales it will be necessary:

  • Aiming for particular niches
  • Appear as high as possible on a niche that you are aiming for

Some tips to improve the indexation of your site:

  • Improve the use of your HTML tags, example: <h1>, etc.
  • The use of internal and external links.
  • Improve the conversion rate of your site
  • Improve the look of your website and its loading time.

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B2C marketing: the essentials to get started

We were talking to you in a previous article about B2B marketing and its strategies, in this week’s articles we will take a look at B2C marketing. You will learn the main keys to get started and define a good sales strategy.

B2C Marketing: definition

B2C is the acronym for “Business to consumer”, so it is a set of techniques and methods aimed at particular consumers.

It is the general public marketing that is observed in the big posters. Whether in dedicated advertising spaces, on television or on websites. It is by definition therefore more visible, as opposed to B2B which is more discreet.

Main differences between B2C and B2C

There are some differences to consider when developing a B2C marketing strategy.

Marketing Content: B2C marketing will target a broad category of classes, that is, people with different socio-economic factors and needs. The content will have to be adapted to the greatest number, with an easy message and intended for a wide audience.

The buying decision: transactions in a B2C market are often more spontaneous and more impulsive. These are therefore short-term and singular events. Unlike a B2B market that will use more complex channels for sale.

The expectations and needs of the customer: the general public will base their purchase decision on more subjective markers such as the price, the image of the brand, the attachment to a particular eco-system, etc.

On the contrary, a consumer of a B2B market will base his decision on markers such as the quality of the service and the expertise offered by a brand.

B2C distribution channels

There are several distribution channels to market and sell your products

  • First of all classic TV and magazine commercials.
  • Websites and mobile applications.
  • Market places style: Amazon, Facebook, eBay, etc.
  • Physical trades.
  • Phone calls.

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Inbound Marketing: nouveau phénomène.

Les techniques marketing ont changé depuis quelques années.  Et l’on observe l’émergence de nouveaux concepts pour pallier aux problèmes du marketing traditionnelles, considérées par les internautes comme étant trop intrusives.

C’est en 2006 que le terme “Inbound Marketing” est utilisé pour la première fois. Inventé par Dharmesh Shah co-fondateur de HubSpot. Remarquant que le trafic généré par son blog de l’époque pouvait être utilisé à des fins commerciales. Ce qu’il fera ensuite, en vendant un logiciel qu’il a lui même crée.

Donc qu’est-ce que c’est ?

C’est un ensemble de techniques pour transformer l’intérêt d’un internaute à un contenu de qualité en une vente. Pour cela on utilise des techniques comme: le lead nutring. C’est-à-dire que l’on attire d’abord un internaute sur une plateforme. En lui proposant notamment des articles, des photos etc. Puis on transforme cet intérêt en une publicité cachée. Tout cela lui faire souscrire un abonnement ou lui faire acheter un produit. Via le biais de boutons Call To action ou des formulaires à remplir pour s’abonner à des news letter.

Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

Illustration de la comparaison entre l'Inbound Marketing et l'Outbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

L’Outbound Marketing est le marketing dit « traditionnel ». C’est un marketing non ciblé qui utilise des canaux comme la télévision, la radio et les magazines. C’est un marketing de masse qui ne propose aucune expérience personnalisée à l’auditeur ou le lecteur. Qui de ce fait ne tient pas vraiment compte de ses besoins et attentes.

L’inbound marketing quant à lui est un marketing plus personnel et plus proche de l’auditeur. Il permet de créer une expérience unique. Pour ainsi, créer un attachement du client à la marque.

Grâce à des techniques de lead nutring. Vous pourrez ainsi changer la simple curiosité d’un visiteur d’un blog en un futur prospect.

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Trouver un e-mail avec un nom domaine 

Vous cherchez l’adresse mail d’une entreprise et vous n’avez que l’URL de son site web comme information ? Ne vous en faites est la solution pour vous. Suivez notre guide pour savoir comment ceci fonctionne.

Minelead c’est quoi ? est un générateur d’adresse mail en ligne. Grâce à une base de données qui contient les contacts de plusieurs entreprises. Vous pourrez trouver tous vos contacts juste en fournissant le nom domaine du site de l’entreprise que vous cherchez.

Comment ça fonctionne ?

Tout d’abord, il faut aller sur le moteur de recherche du site web dont voici une photo :

Page d'accueil du générateur d'adresse mail Minelead
La page d’accueil du générateur d’adresse mail

Ensuite, vous devrez fournir le nom de domaine (l’URL) du site web de l’entreprise dont vous cherchez les contacts. Rien de plus !
Eh oui, le site web prend tout en charge par la suite. Il cherchera d’abord si les emails ne se trouvent pas dans sa base de données déjà prête. Rassurez vous-même s’ils ne les trouvent pas, il effectuera une recherche en temps réel pour la trouver dans d’autres annuaires en ligne.

Vous aurez accès ainsi à une liste de 250 contacts au total. Ceci est l’offre de base : c’est-à-dire l’offre sans enregistrement. Si vous souhaitez avoir une liste de contacts illimitée, avoir la possibilité de tout exporter dans un fichier en format Excel. Il faudra tout simplement vous inscrire au site.

Sachez aussi que le site vous offre la possibilité d’effectuer toutes ces opérations depuis votre navigateur directement. Pour ça il faudra tout simplement installer l’extension depuis la bibliothèque de chrome ou directement depuis ce lien. De plus, l’extension vous permet d’afficher tous les contacts disponibles d’un site dès que vous le visitez sur internet.

Enfin, le site web propose une fonctionnalité et vous permet d’intégrer son API directement à votre application. Donc, n’attendez plus et faites le test de toutes ces fonctionnalités dès maintenant !

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